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Drying Herbs/Dried Oregano

Hi All! What a weekend! Here in northern CA, we had a gorgeous weekend just loaded with warmer temperatures and sunshine! 🙂 That was all I needed to get myself outdoors and into my garden. I didn’t do a lot,…

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How is Rice Grown and Harvested?

When we brought our son back to college, l once again travelled past the rice factories. They always kind of pique my imagination. I never really knew how rice was grown and harvested. I knew it had something to do…

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It’s the details. They are the things that people remember. Sometimes we just want to throw a quick dinner together for friends and make it as simple as possible. Other times, we want to try a bit harder, plan, and…

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How do you get Inspired?

I never know what is going to inspire me…it might be a memory or something I see on television or in a magazine. It might be something someone suggests, or some food they are raving about that lights a fire…

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