Easy Wooden Table Runner

Hi All!

So….. while my pumpkin bread is in the oven for my husband to take to his Mom, I thought I would share this cool idea for a table runner today! I saw this idea on Monday night’s perusal of Pintrest and thought, “Oh, can make that and use it for my dinner party with the girlfriends!”

I am going for a rustic, clean, autumn look and think a wooden runner is a great idea for the table. I am making at least two of them…a gray one for tonight’s party  and a dark chestnut one that I will use for Thanksgiving and Christmas. This project was super easy and fast! Simply measure your table, decide what size board you want, sand, distress, sand, stain and polyurethane!

Isn’t this cool?

EASY Rustic Wooden Runner

EASY Rustic Wooden Ru


I don’t have the table completely set yet, but it is nearly done…still looking for fillers for my centerpiece. I will take a few more pics and try to include them in my next post.

I am so looking forward to having my friends here for dinner tonight. (minus one…boohoo…) We have been friends for over 19 years. We met when our daughters were in the same Kindergarten class and have remained close ever since. How lucky am I to have this amazing group of women as my friends? Damn lucky. I know this and count my blessings. So here is to them…Val, Sue, Caroline, Kris, Bia, and Melinda! CHEERS!













One Comment on “Easy Wooden Table Runner

  1. The table looks wonderful… the wooden runner is a great idea with soooo many possibilities 🙂


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