Hey All!

Hi Everyone!

So sorry it has been soooooooo long! We started a major kitchen remodel which led to an entire house remodel…It is nearly done and I am finally finding myself in the kitchen again. It was a long summer not being able to cook, but was also, quite honestly, a nice little break as well! But… now I am back and am going to change things up a bit!

I am still going to put my own twist on recipes, but I will also share some that are not my own! It is fun to find a keeper and share it. So, I will do that with you (with credit to the original cook). I am also going to throw in some other things I am learning and planning and sometimes just thinking about!

For now…I am planning a get together on Thursday night with my girlfriends. I want them to see my new kitchen and to start making some new memories in it!If there is one thing I know for sure, it is that my girlfriends know how to make good memories!  For now, I am gathering fun autumn things to use for the decorationas and the table. I love this part! So fun!  Check it out!


Autumn fun!


Thanks so much for hanging in there with me!


Shelly 🙂


2 Comments on “Hey All!

  1. Welcome back. Look forward to new recipes. I am starting a home re do project too. Bought a ranch in oakhurst. I fortunately do not have to live there until it is re done


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  2. how exciting to be done with the remodel! hope we can see the reveal soon! and get a hike in!! cheers karen b


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