How do you get Inspired?

I never know what is going to inspire me…it might be a memory or something I see on television or in a magazine. It might be something someone suggests, or some food they are raving about that lights a fire under me. Sometimes it is even looking over a menu and trying to make something similar at home. Most of the time, I get motivated by little trips to the market, store or a visit to a new town. It is fun to see what they have to offer.

When we were in Seattle a few weeks ago, I was amazed at all the different pastas at the farmer’s market. I mean who ever heard of chocolate linguini!? (I didn’t buy that one…promise!) I did pick up a few pastas to pack away in our suitcase, but mostly what I saw inspired me to try a few new things here at home.

What inspires  you in the kitchen?

So many things to choose from...

So many things to choose from…

One Comment on “How do you get Inspired?

  1. What inspires me? I am lucky enough to have a Wegmans nearby. I go often to shop and look around, and they are always bringing new things forward. They have great ideas and also put a magazine out for each season. It is filled with new ideas. So, that’s my inspiration along with Food Network.


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