Raspberry Brownies

My family loves brownies. Does yours? I think I have tried every boxed brand over the years as well as many homemade recipes. Honestly, my family can’t taste the difference. But what I have learned is that we can make the boxed brownies BETTER so easily. Replace the water with leftover coffee, add a teaspoonful of espresso powder, pump up the chocolate flavor with an addition of vanilla, etc. You get the point. This “recipe” is the one I made on Sunday. I bought fresh raspberries and already had raspberry extract in the cabinet…PRESTO CHANGE-O! These were so much better than plain ol’ boxed brownies.

Try your own additions and let me hear how they turn out!

Try your own additions and let me hear how they turn out!

Here is what I did:


1 box Brownie MIx of your choice

Ingredients to make the above mix PLUS:

an extra egg YOLK

1 Tbs. vanilla extract

1 tsp raspberry extract

1-2 cups fresh raspberries

pecan halves (or nuts of your choice…or no nuts at all!)

Preheat oven according to the directions on the box. Spray pan with cooking spray. Mix brownies according to the directions on the box but then add an extra egg YOLK, vanilla, and raspberry extract. Pour half the brownie mixture into the prepared pan then drop the raspberries on the batter. Pour remaining batter over the raspberries and top with pecan halves. Cook as directed on box. When cool, cut with a plastic knife (no crumbs this way). Enjoy!

What did I love about this recipe? It is kind of the best of both worlds…convenient boxed brownies plus punched up a bit to make them better.

What didn’t I love about this recipe? I don’t like admitting to myself that I used boxed brownies…yikes.

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