Just Sow It!

“Half the interest of the garden is the

constant exercise of the imagination.”

—Mrs. C.W. Earle

Got Seeds?

                           Got Seeds?

I couldn’t be more excited! After years of considering, I am finally having two raised beds built to garden in this year! Woohoo! The timing is perfect! We had some large trees removed and now have an abundance of sunshine on a little patch on the side of our lot. I can’t wait!

About a month ago, I slowly and carefully skimmed through the seed catalog and finally came up with a list of seeds I want to try. They arrived in the mail last week. I couldn’t wait to rip into that little package of gems. Herbs, tomatoes, mini bell peppers, flowers…all for ME to play with!

Of course, after last year’s…UMMMM…”issue” with the tomatoes, (let’s just say I might have planted a few too many), I had to keep myself from over-planting  seeds. I did my homework and it turns out I can store my remaining seeds for next year. Yippee! I made myself a little notebook/folder to keep notes on what works and what doesn’t.

It might seem silly to be so excited about these teeny-tiny seeds, but I find the process exciting and fun. I love getting out there in the dirt and sunshine and chatting it up with my little, green friends. (I may or may not really do that.)

The reward after babying the seeds, seedlings, and eventually the plants is, of course, the beautiful edibles they produce. I love experimenting with different herbs and veggies. They just make everything taste fresh.

If you have never had a garden, I encourage you to do try it! Even if you aren’t sure, go ahead and just plant a few herbs in a pot. Trust me…you will be happy you did when summer comes. There is nothing better than cutting some fresh basil for your summer salads and bruschetta!

So…find a seed website to ponder, go to Home Depot to look at seeds…and start to plan (or plant if you are in a warm climate) now.

Let me know what you plant and if it works! I can’t wait to hear from you!


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