Beets with Balsamic and Port Reduction

Two of us in this family really like beets (not the kids). The rest of the fam…not so much. Now that it is mostly just the two of us having dinner together each night, I am making these more often. I am so glad…they are easy, delicious and of course beets are so good for you!

The glaze on these beets is so yummy!

The glaze on these beets is so yummy!

Beets with Balsamic and Port Reduction

8 whole beets, cleaned and cooked and sliced in half

(I used the “I love beets” at Costco)

1 Tbs. butter

1/4 cup balsamic vinegar

1/4 cup port wine

Heat your cast iron pan to medium high. Add the butter and the beets and let them party together for a few minutes. Now add the vinegar and the port wine and let it simmer down until it is a glaze consistency. Be sure all the beets are coated.


What did I love about this recipe? I really like the balsamic and port together. I have a secret steak recipe that uses the same type reduction with a few other added goodies. I thought this glaze completely complimented the beets. De-lish!

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