January Thoughts

Read through the end for a reminder…

Check the expiration dates!

Check the expiration dates!

As we come to the end of the first month of 2015 I thought I might remind you that while you are cleaning up your homes, decluttering and doing all of those other inside winter jobs, it is a good idea to be sure to clean out your pantry and spice cupboards as well. Go through your pantry and check all the expiration dates on cereals, beans, dressings, boxed cake mixes, etc, because they do have expiration dates and you don’t want to risk getting sick or getting someone else sick on your food. I found some old Jell-o gelatin that was older than dirt in my cabinet. I didn’t even know that Jell-o expired! Actually, I don’t know why it was even in my pantry!

After you finish cleaning up your pantry, be sure to check your baking cabinet for expired spices and herbs as well. Many of them probably won’t hurt you if you eat them after the date, but they certainly won’t do much for your cooking. And if you are going to take the time to cook something, please don’t use old ingredients!

Check it now!

Check it now!

Lastly, be sure to check the date on the bottom of your corn starch, baking powder and baking soda. They really do expire and don’t work if they are expired. Just last night, someone messaged me to tell me the cookies they made from one of my recipes were not at all puffy like the picture, but were flat. She said they tasted good but were all spread out. Hmmm…as we went through the list of things that could make the dough flatten (melted, not softened, butter, warm cookie sheet, greased pan, etc) I asked her to check the expiration date on her baking soda. BINGO! We found the culprit. Expired baking soda! If you are not one who bakes frequently, I’d suggest checking that right now. Go ahead…go check…I’ll wait…..




Okay…did anyone find expired baking soda? If so, put it down your drain and freshen your garbage disposal. Be sure to get that baking soda on your grocery list….you never know when you will feel the need to whip up a batch of Salted Chocolate Chip cookies!

Have a great day!


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