Monday Morning Musings

Monday Morning Musings

Love from

Love from

Some thoughts I want to share with you this morning…

I was talking with my friend and she thought it was a good idea to remind you that the recipes I share with you on here are from my own collection, not just links to recipes I’ve found and liked. Since I’ve been cooking meals as a young 23 year old, I have always made up my own recipes, written notes in my cookbooks with additions, reductions, and changes, and have always made recipes my own. I find it challenging to discover what works…and what doesn’t. I should also mention that all the pictures on my site are mine. I have been learning to use my camera in new ways (not soccer games and cross-country meets) and it has been a fun challenge.

The whole Blog idea had been in my head for a year or so, but only until my son Danny mentioned/suggested that I write a blog did I seriously consider it. Now it is an amazing, creative outlet and hobby.

I don’t think, even for a minute, that I am a “great cook” or that I know everything about cooking…far from it. What I do think, however, is that I have a passion for cooking and finally have the time to invent new dishes and share some recipes we have enjoyed. I definitely have my share of FAILS in the kitchen, but of course, I don’t share them on here…no sense wasting your time.

Hopefully, you can trust that the recipes I share with you both here and on Facebook are pretty good and worth a try. Please take the time to click on the site and spend a few minutes with me. You can follow me by email by clicking “Follow” on the link.



4 Comments on “Monday Morning Musings

  1. Coming from someone who cannot stray from a recipe I KNOW you are an amazing cook. I’m loving seeing all your recipes πŸ™‚

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  2. I love to cook as well and have that passion too and yet I find myself excited to see and read what you have to share. I love the photos and all the details you give. Please know you are appreciated and the time and love that you put into each recipe doesn’t fall short of a huge WOW!! Keep it going and your passion will continue to soar.


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