The PERFECT Scrambled Eggs

Please don’t jump over this recipe because you know how to make scrambled eggs….I thought I did too…then I learned the right way…You won’t want to miss this!



I love eggs. My daughter loves eggs. One of my sons loves eggs. My husband loves eggs…my Mom loves…you get the picture. We kinda like eggs in our house. Now I have been making scrambled eggs for probably…ummmm…43 years (cringing when I type that). Whip them, season them, throw them in a pan and get them done in a jiff! Pretty good. Then I had some scrambled eggs that CHANGED EVERYTHING! They were creamy, delicate and delicious. Perfection on a plate. It was then and there that I decided it was time to learn to make the…drumroll please…


So, it isn’t rocket science, it turns out. And maybe you already make them like this…lucky you! I wish I made these correctly my entire life! So, here I will share what I learned… Please try these exactly as I have written this the first time…slow and steady…no cream or milk…no seasoning until the end. All you need are a few things…

 1 Tbs butter

3 eggs

salt and pepper


The rules…Please read in entirety before beginning.

1. I am putting this rule down first because it is the most important…Set your heat at low…do not touch it no matter how badly you want to…don’t hurry the process. It is LOW or nothing. 


2. Use only fresh eggs.

3. Don’t beat the eggs yet…wait until your skillet is all warm and happy and coated with melted butter. You will whisk the eggs right before you begin cooking. Use a large enough bowl so that you can really whip the eggs until they are all one uniform golden color… 🙂

4. Do not crowd the eggs . You want (at the most) 3-4 eggs in a 8 inch skillet. Want more eggs? Use two skillets.

5. Use a small, nonstick skillet and a spatula or wooden spoon.

Okay here is the way to do this…

6. Melt the butter in the pan…again on a low heat setting!

7. While the butter is melting, use a whisk to beat the eggs until frothy and light. (no milk or cream or salt or pepper)

8. Add the eggs to the pan. It shouldn’t sizzle…it might hum, but that is because they are so happy 🙂

9. Stir continuously. Stir. Don’t stop stirring. Keep stirring. This is not the time to let the dog out or set the table…you do not leave these eggs. Period.

10.  Keep pushing the eggs around. When you think they are done, they will look creamy and yellow. Do not overcook! Take off the heat right before you think they are ready.

11. Now you have my permission to season the eggs. I used a teeny pinch of (truffle) salt and pepper on mine…holy moly…they were the best eggs I’ve ever had.(you will swear someone snuck in and added some secret ingredient.)

12. Now serve. Eat. Promise yourself you will never rush the process again. I know I never will.

What did I love about this recipe? It is so easy! It requires nothing fancy. Seriously…I know I am excited about this whole egg thing…but they are sooooo good!

What didn’t I love about this recipe? Well…the time it takes to cook eggs slowly, but hey…what is the rush???!!

4 Comments on “The PERFECT Scrambled Eggs

    • I loved them…KB didnt. Guess I’ll be making his in one pan and mine in another cuz I’ll never make them the fast way again! Next time I’m going to master the poached egg! So many ways to make it…can’t wait! Stay tuned..


  1. You sure made me look at EGGS in a whole new light. I’m going to give them a try. “Slowly”


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