Good To Know

I thought it was probably a good time to let you know what one of my favorite toys in my kitchen is.  You definitely want one of these as a gift…either gift it to yourself or ask for it from someone else. After I tried it the first time, I was hooked. It is an Alligator Chopper. This badboy chops onions so quickly that your eyes don’t have time to even THINK of watering, tearing, or aching. Mine happens to be an “Alligator” brand…but I am sure many brands work as well.

My eyes usually burn and tear as soon as I get into about the third or fourth chop of an onion. It really hurts and of course I have tried every way I can to make the hurt go away. I gave up using onions in my cooking, or just used the tasteless frozen ones for a long time.Then….I got this little bugger and no more tears!  Another great thing about it is that it comes apart and can be thrown in the dishwasher! Boom! Done!

I wouldn’t have a kitchen without this prize!




One Comment on “Good To Know

  1. Hey Shelly, did you know that whistling while you chop works too… you just need to keep on whistling.. give it a whirl! But noted, if you have lots to chop, your gadget is perfect… xoxoxo


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