Homemade Vanilla Extract

I have to laugh when I look at this picture. See the blue tape around the top of the bottle? I put it on there last year when I started making this vanilla…it says DO NOT TOUCH!  I was so afraid my newly “of age” adult children would decide to use this as their own personal vanilla vodka for mixed drinks! Thankfully, the seal wasn’t broken and now we have wonderful homemade vanilla for ourselves and for friends!

Do it yourself! It's so easy!

Do it yourself! It’s so easy!

Homemade Vanilla Extract

***I bought a huge bottle of vodka from Costco, poured a tiny bit out and added a bunch of vanilla beans. Use the ratio below to figure out how many beans to use.***

8 oz glass bottle or jar for the vanilla

  8 oz. Vodka

4-7 Vanilla Beans

Slice each vanilla bean the long way and scrape the vanilla beans out. Put the vanilla beans and the vanilla bean pods into the bottle. Add the vodka. Be sure all the beans are submerged.

Shake the bottle then be sure to shake it at least once or twice a week. Keep in a cool dark place (the pantry is fine). It should be done in about 8 weeks, but I decided to let mine sit for about 10 months because I like the vanilla I use to be super intense.

What do I love about this recipe? I love vanilla! I never knew it could be so easy to make! Two ingredients and time…that is all you need!

What don’t I love about this recipe? Well, it isn’t instant! I guess If I had to think of one thing I didn’t like (which is silly, really), I’d say that I don’t want to wait for it to be done!!!

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