AMAZING Garlic, Rosemary Marble Potatoes


You know how it is….you get into the same old boring routines cooking the same things every week to ten days? It sure happens to me. That is when I decide to try new things. For example, last year I tried to bring one new food into the kitchen each week, just to try new things! We are fortunate in California that our produce section at the market is usually pretty full of amazing veggies and fruits so that was easy.

Recently, I started to get into the rut again. Same ol’, same ol’… so back to the market I went. I saw a mesh bag of the most adorable little “marble potatoes.” They were tiny, various colors, and I thought I had to buy them just because they were so darn cute! I didn’t know how I was going to cook them, but knew I’d figure it out! Boy, am…

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