Brown Butter

It seems like everyone is using brown butter lately in everything from savory to sweet recipes. I hadn’t really used it all too often, so I thought I’d give it a try and use it on the Brussels sprouts. (See yesterday’s post). It was so delicious and really was a notch above plain butter. It adds a nutty taste to whatever you add it to….from what I read, “they” say it tastes like hazlenut….I dont know about that, but I do know it tastes nutty! The crucial thing to Browning Butter is that you can’t leave it. Not for a second. It doesn’t take long, but…you c a n  n o t leave it. There is probably a great science experiment or explanation for the way this breaks down, but I don’t know it. All I know is that you want to keep stirring…then BOOM! It is delicious! Try something new…

Browning butter gives it a beautiful, nutty aroma. Try it!

Browning butter gives it a beautiful, nutty aroma. Try it!

Brown Butter

unsalted butter (I used just one stick for this recipe)

Most importantly…do NOT leave the butter. You must stir it constantly or the butter will burn and become bitter. (can you say that 5 times fast?)

Place the butter in a pot or pan. I like to use the lighter (gray) metal pans so I can see the color of the butter while it is cooking….crucial to this recipe.

Using medium heat and stirring constantly, melt the butter. The butter will foam up a bit. Continue stirring until it becomes a light tan color. Remove the pan from the heat. The butter will continue cooking after you take it off the burner. Pour into another dish so that it stops the cooking. The butter should be a nutty brown flavor and smell wonderful…almost like hazelnuts.( so “they” say)

What do I love about this recipe? Well, brown butter is new to me. Now that we have tried it, we are hooked. It is delicious on so many things….and wait til you see the Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies with Sea Salt….coming soon!

What don’t I love about this recipe? I guess the fact that one shouldn’t eat butter with every meal is a setback here…but it sure is a nice indulgence!

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